La Tartine

If there is still politics in the Sydney baking scene, La Tartine are firmly camped within pure sourdough, certified organic territory.

You have to admire the conviction of Mark and Nick Anthony. Their passion for pure sourdough and certified organics is legendary. In fact we first heard the legend from one of the (relatively) newer bakeries, Sonoma.

La Tartine began in France, operating for 10 years in the Alpine area between Switzerland and Italy. In the late 1990's, the bakers packed specialised bakery gear into a crate and shipped it to Australia. Nick is a bit of an inventor, designing their wood-fired oven and a setter to assist in loading sole and tinned breads.

La Tartine are based on the NSW Central Coast. They do have a Coast following, but most of the demand is actually from 30 or so outlets in Sydney. Macro Wholefoods at Bondi and Crows Nest are two of the most popular. La Tartine also have their own regular stall at Fox Markets, held every Wednesday between 9.30am and 3.30pm.

The markets is where I caught up with Mark Anthony. I watched Mark spend quality time with each customer, assisting them with informed purchases. Both Nick and Mark believe that many consumers are not aware of the difference between organic and certified organic.

Certified organic includes controls to keep flour from contamination right up to the point of consumption. For example, trucks that deliver certified organic flour must be certified as being suitable for the task. These considerations are enforced by regular inspections.

Another interesting snippet: When they baked in France, French authorities did not permit any bread with bakers yeast to be labelled as organic. The reason? Bakers yeast was not organic, of course.

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    Somersby, New South Wales, Australia. Unit 2 (Wholesale)

    Phone: (02) 4340 0299

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Hi Mark,
We have been buying your fruit loaf ever since you were at the fox markets, we now buy it from Bondi Junction Macro. We have noticed that every now and then we get a loaf that does not have apricots. It may be because you ran out, but we thought we would let you know as consistancy is very important.

Kind Regards,

Catherine Tiney

Hi Catherine .yep it may happen if we run out of apricots .we wont however substitute non organic apricots so we replace them with twice as many figs.these logistical problems do occassionally happen unfortunately and i apologise.All the best nick

Marque et Nick bonjour, comment allez vous. Je lurning le français par l'intermédiaire du podcast. Je suis très lent cependant ainsi je commuterai à l'anglais. Thankyou for your product. I lived in Bondi for 25years and first came across your product (black bread is my favorite) in the Food Emporium on Bondi road. I have now moved to liechhardt. Do you supply to anyone in the inner west of Sydney? I looked in the usual places like newtown, Glebe but no luck.

sincères amitiés Duncan

Hi, I live on the Central coast - and I'm looking for a loaf of sourdough rye (no wheat).  The darker the better, Scandinavian style.  Is this part of your range, and if so, how do I procure one?

Hi guys

I live on the central coast and was wondering whether you supply bakeries around here, and if you do which ones?

If you dont is there any way of getting my hands on your sourdough without trekking into sydney??

thanks a million




Hi Soph,
I get My Sourdough from Gnostics Organics down at woy woy,
I dont know if you are close to there but they have a good selection there,
They get it in on thursdays and you can ring and place and order if you like,
Heres there address and phone number

8/23-27 Chambers Place Woy Woy 2256
we are open everyday from 9am till 5pm

Phone: (02)4341 8900

Tell Birgit Sean Recommended there,