Vermont Bread - American Bread

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eduardo schütz ...

it makes 2 breads

The Starter

wheat flour type 550200 g
water250 g
sourdough starter (liquid)40 g


#let it leaving overnight
#in the morning:


The Dough

wheat flour type 550650 g
rye flour type 1150

150 g

water400 g
sourdough starter ( part)450 g
salt20 g
  1. in processing machine - mix all ingredients but with exception of the salt.-5 minutes-level 1
  2. if necessary, to adjust the water.- the dough must have an average consistency.
  3. cover the bowl and let it proofing for 2:30 hours.
  4. after this time, add the salt and mix again for 2 minutes - level 2
  5. divide the dough in  2 parts, let it resting for 15 minutes and shapping in 2 oval breads.
  6. let it proofing for 1:15 hours.
  7. pre-heat the oven during 15 minutes at 240C.
  8. turn down to 200C - and baking it for 40-45 minutes.

Good appetit! 




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TeckPoh 2008 December 10
...for taking the time to share so many recipes with us. This has gone into my to-do list, right after the festive season (christmas and chinese new year) is over.

I enjoyed looking at the photos of the german breads in your gallery.

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Millciti 2008 December 11

I also really appreciate your recipes and pictures... I lived in Monterey California for a couple of years ... er...  a long time ago.  My daughter was born there, and cut her teeth on sourdough crusts.  The sourdough here on the east coast is largely fake or chemically made sour.  So I lost interest in crusty sourdough breads.

But a few years ago a local grocery here started bringing in Par Baked Portuguese Pao, Saloio Rolls and Whole Wheat Padinha.  We got hooked but the prices just kept going up and up.  So I decided to start looking for recipes and started noticing a lot of great sourdough sites and Blogs...  and so much more about real breads. 

I also noticed that not too many Portuguese are giving away recipes in english.:?   And also that each region of Portugal has their own specifically named recipes for bread and rolls.  We had visited Portugal, the Region near Southern Spain, when we were in Spain.  The bread there was so amazing!  I think that some of the best European bakeries still use long fermentation or Sourdough to have the best tasting breads.

By the way did you say your Grandmother made sourdough... You don't have her recipe do you, Hint, hint, wink, wink;) 


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