English Muffins

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A pretty good English muffin recipe I am working on making better

The Dough

Ingredient Metric Imperial Baker's Percentage
Flour 400 grams 14.12 oz 100.00%
Warm Water 118 grams 4.17 oz 29.50%
Canola Oil 28 grams 0.99 oz 7.00%
Starter (100% hydration) 280 grams 9.88 oz 70.00%
Kosher Salt 6 grams 0.21 oz 1.50%
Sugar 12 grams 0.42 oz 3.00%
Total Flour Weight:
400 grams

Percentages are relative to flour weight (flour equals 100%) and every other ingredient is a percentage of this. Flour from the starter is not counted. This recipe was originally in grams and has been automatically converted to other measures.

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vet_ca 2016 February 17

Hi Jacktheknife,

Thank you for the recipe.  I'll give it a try.  What do you use to make them into nice round hockey pucks?

Cheers vet_ca

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