amorcake - aka Titan arum torte

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This weekend formerly world record Amorphophallus titanium at botanic garden of unniversity Bonn, Germany, will bloom another time...


On linked webside you can find a receipe for a "Stinkwurz-Torte" with a lot..a LOT of eggs :shock

The recipe saved for the "cakers" ...

Cake floor recipe (round):

36 eggs
450 g of sugar
900 g of butter / margarine (half/half)
450 g of powdered sugar
900 g of nuts
150 grams of flour
150 grams of sweet crumbles
150 g cocoa

Separate eggs; beat egg white with sugar and a pinch of salt to snow; flavor yolk (vanilla and a little cinnamon if necessary), stir foamingly with powdered sugar and the fat; mix crumbles, flour, nuts and cocoa in a bowl; fold carefully the beaten white in the fat mass; afterwards fold in gently the flour mix, bake at 180° C in a prepared spring form

Spadix recipe:

300 g butter biscuits
100 grams of butter
250 grams of sugar
100 g eggs
100 g cocoa
2 tablespoons sherry
40 g almonds splitter

Stir foamingly butter, sugar and egg; add sherry; crumble biscuits, then mix with almonds and cocoa; add biscuit mixture at slow speed, up to an "equally coagulative" consistancy; shape mass on aluminum foil in the desired form, wrap and refrigerate.


Brush the cake with butter cream ground and rest it cold, knead marzipan paste with powdered sugar in the ratio 2:1.

Roll out the marzipan to approximately 2 mm thickness, fold  cake, also the spadix, in this ceiling.
Tear a hole with diameter of thicker spadix end.
Take a bowl, which has the shape of the calyx, and put it with the opening to the bottom of a baking sheet.
Roll out some marzipan for the calyx.  The coat to roll out shgould be one and a half times as long as the size of the bowl. Curl the marzipan coat round the bowl, so that it overheads on the sheets surface, on top of the bowl close completely with the marzipan.

Melt some white chocolate, coat the marzipan and set the whole thing in the freezer. When the chocolate is quite hard repeat the coating.
When the second layer is hardend also, turn the whole contruct and pull the bowl out of the marzipan chalice.

Melt some couverture and coat the inside of the tube with it and put it in freezer.
Repeat this procedure also.
Apply desired makeup With food color to spadix and chalice.

Tear a hole in the bottom of the calyx (same dimension as in cake floor) and put the calyx on the cake.
With a little chocolade-glue (melted couverture, black and/or white) fit the spadix at the plate.




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TeckPoh 2008 April 18
I don't know if I'm more enthralled with that bigger than humongous-sized plant or the no. of eggs in the cake. I managed to put 2 and 2 together and think there is a link between the name of the cake and the er...interesting shape of the plant? Didn't know Germany was so exotic!

Thanks, Markus.

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