Walnut Fig Sourdough

This formual uses two differnt flours in the final build.  I found that the combination for clear and "00" flour yeilds a fantastic product.  The clear flour gives good strength, crust and flavor while the "00" promotes a light, soft crumb.  "The Dough" formula given is for the final dough.  The overall formula is:

60% clear flour

40% "00" flour

67% water

2% salt

.2% fresh yeast

20% figs

20% walnuts

The Dough

Ingredient Weight US Volume Bakers Percentage
Mature culture (100% hydration) 192 g 6.75 oz 1.5 cups 50.13%
Clear flour 192 g 6.75 oz 1.5 cups 50.13%
"00" flour 192 g 6.75 oz 1.5 cups 50.13%
Water 223 g 7.88 oz 0.95 cups 58.22% (hydration)
Salt 10 g 0.34 oz 0.64 tbspns 2.61%
Fresh yeast 1 g 0.04 oz 0 tbspns 0.26%
Figs 96 g 3.38 oz 0.42 cups 25.07%
Walnuts 96 g 3.38 oz 0.42 cups 25.07%
Total Weight: 1000 grams / 35.27 ounces
Total Flour Weight: 383 grams / 13.51 ounces

Bakers percentages are relative to flour weight (flour equals 100%) and every other ingredient is a percentage of this. Flour from the Starter is not counted. Note: This recipe was uploaded in grams and has been automatically converted to other measures, let us know of any corrections.


Combine levain, flours and water

Autolyse for 1 hour

Mix in salt and yeast (if using) 5-7 minutes

Ferment for 40 minutes

Cut and preshape

Rest for 20 minutes

Final shaping

Retard for 12-15 hours at 10 degrees

Bake with steam at 230 degrees for 35 minutes


 Who could resist something with walnuts and figs! Thanks for posting this.

Would you mind explaining what clear flour is?

Plus a piccie would be nice if possible.

I am curious about the seam side up baking.

Sounds wonderful!  I have made fig and pistachio loaf before, so can imagine how nice this is. 

I too have no clue what "clear flour" is, and would like to see some pics of the seam up bake - I presume no slashing is required? 

Maybe that's what I should do with these Tuscan breads I'm making at the moment.  They do not call for any slashing, but promptly burst during baking as they're stuck inside their skins!

This sounds like a very interesting bread to make. But I have no idea what "clear" flour is. Clear of what?  00 flour generally is an Italian flour, mainly used for making pasta. In what country are you buying clear flour? Is it available in Australia?

OK, the OP hasn't been back yet, so I Binged the answer to "clear flour" (came from home.earthlink.com):

Clear flour is the by-product of straight flour that remains after patent flour is removed.   Clear flour is graded into fancy, first clear, and second clear.  Clear flour is darker in color than the other flours previously mentioned, as it is made from the part of the endosperm closest to the bran.  Fancy clear flour, milled from soft wheat, is used to make pastry flour.  First clear, milled from hard wheat, is often blended by the baker with low-gluten flours to lighten the texture of breads such as rye or whole-wheat yet maintain the deep color desirable in such breads.  Second clear flour has a very high ash content, is very dark, and is not generally used for food.


 Sorry it took me so long to get back to your posts.  The description provided in this post is accurate.  I first started using clear flour while working at Eataly in New York.  We used a 3/5 clear flour to 2/5 "00" flour.  As far as I know you can buy clear flour online from King Aruthur, or wholesale (50 lbs bags).


The seam-side-up bake is also a technique I learned at Eataly.  When I have some pictures I will post them.  It makes for a beautiful presentation.


Thank you for all your comments!