Yeasted Breads

"I forgot to make bread for dinner" Bread

I am a true beliver in multiple long rises, but this sure is a lifesaver when you don't have the time or simply forgot to plan ahead. It...Read more

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Potato Loaf

This low-gluten bread has a pale, light texture, and a savoury flavorRead more

Honey Oat and Flax Bread

I made this yesterday morning when I wasn't quite ready to go to bed after work. I was originally planning on just making a white bread,...Read more


Red Fife Heritage Wheat Bread

This is the recipe that I have come up with to make our Red Fife Bread we have been selling in our Bakery .Read more

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Light Rye Yeast Sour

A light rye bread containing linseed and sunflower seeds for that nutty crunch.Read more

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Makes 6-7, 900 gram braided loaves *before mixing this dough take ¼ of the water quantity and steep a pinch of saffron in it. Allow this to...Read more


Poppy seed to make your eyes look like your tootin heroin!

Dough 11/2 TBS yeast ( not sourdough, someone will do it) 1/4 cup water (at work can't convert this recipe, busy, do the math!) 1/4 cup...Read more


Pomme et raisin (apple cider raisin)

Poolish: T65 94% 234 rye 6% 16 cider 94% 234 yeast 2% 5 Total 489 poolish 196% 489 T65 100% 250 cider 47% 117 salt 6% 16 raisin 50% 125...Read more


Chocolate cherry bread

Old recipe that everyone has done! TP go for it, make it so #1 jeremyRead more