Sourdough Breads

Sourdough Hotcakes

Copied from "The Oregonian" newspaper The night before or at least 12 hours before making this recipe, take out 1/2 cup starter from the...Read more

Levain Bread

Levain means wild yeast in French, but is also covers the use of sourdough. A bread kan be called a Levain if the amount of compressed...Read more

Quinoa Flour Sourdough Bread

I am a newbie here and I want to share my experience with quinoa flour. Recently I saw quinoa flour in an organic supermarket and I wanted...Read more

Whole-wheat bread

This is my second sourdough bread, thanks for, giallozafferano and Luis Felipe Moraes. pagnotta (say paniota) is this shape...Read more


English Muffins

A pretty good English muffin recipe I am working on making betterRead more


A work in progress. Shooting for a soft, fluffy bread.Read more


Lakota Sourdough

A good all around dough for french loaves, baguettes, and pretzels.Read more

"Flex" Bread for Every Day

This is our everyday bread at home. It's about as straightforward as a good daily bread can get. I use a stand mixer and dough hook to make...Read more


"Chocolate" Dark Rye

I adapted this recipe from the one given on the side of the bag of rye flour I purchased whilst on holiday. The recipe was a fully yeasted...Read more


Rosemary Olive Bread

I have been making Fred Bread for over a year now and haven't really made anything else since I like it so much. Somewhere along the way...Read more