Sourdough Breads

Special Gaucho Bread

This recipe produces a original bread with a exceptional flavor. The combination of coriender and the flours misture is perfect! it makes 1...Read more

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Light Rye

Description A light rye bread containing linseed and sunflower seeds fo that nutty crunch. Ingredients 222 g wheat flour 222 g rye flour...Read more

Vermont Bread - American Bread

it makes 2 breads The Starter Ingredient Weight wheat flour type 550 200 g water 250 g sourdough starter (liquid) 40 g #let it leaving...Read more


Sauerteig Hausbrot - (sourdough german bread)

This recipe i got in Frankfurt. It´s a very tasteful german bread. 125 grams sourdough active liquid culture poolish: 50 grams white flour...Read more


Egg Noodles or Dumplings with sourdough for TP

I am always playing around with my sourdough starter and was thinking humm... I bet you could use it to give a little lift to a nice egg...Read more


Sourdough Crumpets

Over in the Professional forum there is a debate on the definition of "Sourdough". Are formulas that have things in them other than flour...Read more


Sourdough Bagels

I have been experimenting with bagels, and here are the most recent batch. This is a version of Robotchef's recipe posted in Dan Lepard's...Read more


100yo+ Polish Rye Bread

Old Polish Rye Sourdough bread. (100+ years old recipe) 1.5L – sour dough starter – 0.5L Rye flour / 0.5L Water / Half teaspoon of salt 2Kg...Read more

Bethesdabakers' Beer Bread

I did this a couple of years back on Dan's forum but it's a good one for special occasions. The idea is to create a unique loaf by making a...Read more

Good sourdough bread recipe for TOAST

2 cups active sourdough starter 1/2 cup water 3 cups bread flour 2 tsp. salt 2 tsp. sugar Mix all ingredients in a bread mixer - I just do...Read more