Dinner Rolls - for croc

This recipe is adapted from Ed Wood's World Sourdoughs from Antiquity. Makes 16 to 20 really nice rolls.

Prove until double in size.

The Dough

Ingredient Weight US Volume Bakers Percentage
2 cups leaven 400 g 14.11 oz 3.14 cups 106.67%
3 T butter, melted 42 g 1.48 oz 3.04 tbspns 11.20%
1 egg, beaten 57 g 2.01 oz 4 tbspns 15.20%
1/2 C milk 120 g 4.23 oz 0.53 cups 32.00%
1 T sugar 14 g 0.49 oz 1.12 tbspns 3.73%
1 tsp salt 5 g 0.18 oz 0.32 tbspns 1.33%
3 C AP-flour 375 g 13.23 oz 2.94 cups 100.00%
Total Weight: 1013 grams / 35.73 ounces
Total Flour Weight: 375 grams / 13.23 ounces

Bakers percentages are relative to flour weight (flour equals 100%) and every other ingredient is a percentage of this. Flour from the Starter is not counted. Note: This recipe was uploaded in grams and has been automatically converted to other measures, let us know of any corrections.




I still owe [i]some[/i] people pix of my nice brown bottom.

Yes, we are still waiting


I'm really proud of [b]them[/b]. Just no time for pix recently...




Nice buns TP!



Thanks, Jeremy!

I still owe [i]some[/i] people pix of my nice brown bottom.

come on TP don't be shy

I'm not. I'm really proud of them. Just no time for pix recently...

The leaven/starter (actually, Woods call it culture) is at 100% hydration. Yes...his recipes all call for a LOT of starter.
Beat the whole egg - slightly will do. You can see how soft and fluffy they are from this pic.
AP Flour = all purpose flour = plain flour
And, yup, this is definitely dinner rolls. Not enough egg and butter etc to qualify as brioche.


they look great
going to make it but still few questions

we talking sourdough starter not yeast preferment ?

also with the process itself

do i knead and form rolls right awy and bake after only single proofing?

this recipe NEEDS more details

i'm sorry to be pain in a butt BUT i hate to guess things


This is going to cost you! Spell oVen 50X.

The beauty is this IS made from sourdough starter...not commercial yeast at all. Just make sure your starter is peak-ish.

His recipe says after the initial kneading, to form into balls and let prove until double in size. I still do 2 hourly folds, then form balls and prove. Want crunch to your crust...spray water. Want the crust soft, brush with melted butter or oil.

thanks TP but same as carla (or worst) i'm not sure how to attack this recipe

leaven (what sort and what hydration)
egg beaten at what stage? both parts of just white to solid and than add yellow?
also what is AP-flour? plain flour?

and this going by butter/egg/plain flour i think this recipe is for dinner rolls (which is what i get now all the time instead nice fluffy and light rolls)

i will try those next time as i got tones of good quality plain flour and to make your post worthwhile


plus got to keep that oWen warm


Hmm TeckPoh.

Only 1 egg and 1/2 C milk
to 3 C whatever-flour ??

Are they going to stand up by themselves or is the leaven a liquid??

Here in the US we have a holiday called Thanksgiving and it is tomorrow.  I thought I would see if I could find a formula for sourdough rolls and make them.  This here recipe looked just right to me but wished for weights instead of volumes.

Here is how I made the rolls.

1st Build   grams    percent      
Starter            33    50.00%
Water             66    100.00%
Flour              66    100.00%
Total            165    250.00%

I put all of this into the 2nd build and was 2 cups of starter.

2nd Build        
Starter          162     75.70%
Water           214    100.00%
Flour            214    100.00%

This is what it looked like after fermenting overnight.

Active Starter
The 2 cups more than doubled and just about overflowed.

I added all the rest of the ingredients together and kneaded the bread.

Dough             grams     percent    
Sugar                    12       2.67%
Salt                         7       1.56%
Flour                  450    100.00%
Butter                   48      10.67%
Egg                      54      12.00%
Milk                   134       29.78%
Preferment         590    131.11%

TP said she folded her's twice and I did too.

The buns getting ready for the oven.uncooked buns

And the baked buns.  They look great now I need to test one.

baked buns

Nice slashy rolls... I had to make some too for Thanksgiving.  Mine weren't the same I used some yams in mine to give them a nice golden color.  They came out great!  I could'nt find a temp in the actual recipe so I baked them at Turkey Temp and they weren't quite as light as they would have been with steam.   But they were still pretty yummy I was inspired by both yours and TP's.

Yesterday I was told that there are 365 days in a year and that I need to make Dinner Rolls for every day.  I guess they liked them.

No cook time @ temperature given for sourdough rolls

G Cannon

What is the temperature of the oven and how long to bake the dinner rolls?



No wonder my ears were itching! Mea culpa for the omission. Bake at 180 deg C for 20-25 mins depending on how brown you like your crusts. Cheers.

I did this recipe and they turned out very dence and not worthy of my mouth.


I think my mistake was kneading them after proving.

After I kneaded them, I balled them, and put them straight into the oven at 350 degrees.


I'm going to try again tomorrow and ball them up, pove them untill double and them throw them into the oven.


Also, my starter seems to have taken off nicely at last. I thought it was dead. I was about to pull the plug.

Smells kinda nice now but we'll see what happens tomorrow.