There is a BBA Challenge out on the net base on Reinhart's book.  The first bread that the group decided to do is Anadama.  I remember when I first read the book that bread sounded interesting but it wasn't sourdough so I forgot it.  Now the BBA Challenge got me interested in it again so I decided to make a sourdough bread based on Reinhart's formula.

I did a two stage starter for the sourdough preferment.

Stage One
Starter       6 grams
Flour        12 grams
Water         6 grams
8 to 12 hours later I did the 2nd stage.
Stage Two
All the starter from stage one 24 grams
Flour                                           50 grams
Water                                         25 grams
Also at this time I added the water to the cornmeal and let it soak.
Cornmeal  119 grams
Water         158 grams
Let both sit for 8 hours.  Then mix up the dough with the following amounts.
Final Dough
Whole Wheat Flour  398 grams
Water                        157 grams
Salt                                8 grams
Preferment                  99 grams
Cornmeal Soaker     277 grams
Molasses                     79 grams
Butter                          20 grams
I let it bulk ferment then stuck in the fridge until the next evening.  Then I let it warm up a bit before shaping and letting it proof.  I cooked it in my cast iron roaster for 40 minutes at 460°F.  The first 20 minutes with the lid on.  I slashed the loaf when I took the lid off.  This is a great tasting bread and I love it hot with butter on it.  Here is the crumb shot.
Anadama Crumb
I'm impressed with the holes in it considering it is whole wheat and cornmeal.





Looks very light for whole wheat and corn bread! I will try it, but my starter isn't that used to whole wheat and corn, maybe I should start feeding those kinds of flour and then try it.
I'm really shocked that I get the nice big holes in my whole wheat bread.  I think it has to do with the way my flour mill makes the flour.
Anadama is one of my favorite breads, although I've never thought of trying it using sourdough. Thanks for publishing your recipe and results - I'm going to try it myself now!