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Raisin, Walnut, & Honey Loaf

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This loaf will be heavy for its size. Note the use of 10% protein plain flour.
166% starter is a starter fed in the proportions of 100g water to 60g flour.

The Dough

Ingredient Metric Imperial Baker's Percentage
Wholemeal Flour 65 grams 2.29 oz 12.87%
10% White plain Flour 440 grams 15.53 oz 87.13%
Starter @ 166% hyd 280 grams 9.88 oz 55.45%
Full Cream Milk 216 grams 7.62 oz 42.77%
Honey 15 grams 0.53 oz 2.97%
Salt 15 grams 0.53 oz 2.97%
Olive Oil (Extra Virgin) 15 grams 0.53 oz 2.97%
1 Egg (whisked) 30 grams 1.06 oz 5.94%
1 ½ Tsp Mixed Spice 7 grams 0.25 oz 1.39%
Raisins (Lightly dusted with flou.r, shake off excess) 250 grams 8.83 oz 49.50%
Walnuts (Chopped about the size of a pea & smaller) 95 grams 3.35 oz 18.81%
Total Flour Weight:
505 grams

Percentages are relative to flour weight (flour equals 100%) and every other ingredient is a percentage of this. Flour from the starter is not counted. This recipe was originally in grams and has been automatically converted to other measures.

  1. Add all the first ingredients and mix well, let rest for 10 minutes. Do not add the Raisins and Walnuts.
  2. Knead for 10 minutes and 1st proof for about 3 hours at 25C.
  3. Knead in the walnuts and raisins, shape loaf and final proof for about 2 1/2 hours at 25C.
  4. Bake at 210C for 45 minutes.

Tip. Get the big fat soft raisins and you don't have to soak them.

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