Pomme et raisin (apple cider raisin)


T65 94% 234
rye 6% 16
cider 94% 234
yeast 2% 5

Total 489

poolish 196% 489
T65 100% 250

cider 47% 117
salt 6% 16

raisin 50% 125
apples 50% 125
Levain 63% 156

Total flour 100% 250




Jeremy and SourYumMum - what are you trying to say please??

Don't know what grows in Malaysia, maybe TP will tell us knuckle heads across the atlantic!
We didn't mean anything really, just now we know how to use these emoticons and all the other small print stuff!

How are the runts?

Rolling Eyes

[size=7]Germanic indeed?[/size]


I would think Jeremay that Malaysia is a bit too tropical for normal apples to grow!
They would have sugar apples and other annona family members, but malus? I don't think so.

look for some imported French, an excuse to drink it! Or juice your own and ferment it!



shoot! I've trouble finding cider here.

Hi Jeremy. Cant figure this one out...is this a sourdough recipie?

The poolish states 5g yeast. Does this mean starter or instant?
Also, what is the Levain (final ingrediant) is this more starter?