Spelt Flour 1kg (BREAD, STARTER, CAKE & BISCUIT FLOUR) - Wholegrain - Callington Mill - Certified Organic

This flour is suitable for adding to your sourdough starter.  A great flour for heavier breads and can be combined with lighter flours to enhance texture and flavour for use in cakes and pastries.

Tasmania has perfect climate and soils for growing spelt.

This particular spelt is grown in the North-West of Tasmania. The grain is bagged by the farmer and travels 2 hours to Callington Mill in Oatlands. Here it is freshly milled into medium-fine flour by slow turning wind-driven stones. 

Callington Mill is located just across the road from The Sourdough Shop. We use the flour in our own bakery every day and get to know a lot about how it behaves for bakers. This flour is suitable for adding to your sourdough starter. 

Please leave a comment or question below...we would love to discuss the qualities of this flour as it evolves from season to season.




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