Sourdough Starter KIT - Starter (WHEAT, SPELT or RYE), Swivel lame, Dough Scraper

This kit contains: 

  • Starter made from Tasmania grown WHEAT, SPELT or RYE
  • Swivel lame with curved blade for slashing dough (France)
  • Quality plastic dough scraper made by Thermohauser (Germany)

Sourdough bread is easy to make if you have a good sourdough starter. If you have time, make your own starter from scratch. Otherwise share a friends or order our starter and sourdough bread recipe below.

  • Try making your own
  • Share a friend's
  • Or use our starter

Making Sourdough Starter

It generally takes around 2 - 3 weeks to cultivate a reliably fermenting starter (called 'active' starter). Starters usually become stronger and more reliable over time.

The process of making starter only requires flour, water and a mixing/storage vessel. One of the best methods is provided here, by SourDom.

Mixing flour and water together encourages natural yeast and bacteria to ferment. It is a very simple concept and very satisfying process.

Select your choice of starter made with Tasmanian grown WHEAT, SPELT or RYE.

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