Artisan Baker Sourdough Bread Making Kit - Starter (RYE, SPELT or WHEAT), Banneton, Professional lame

The easiest way to make sourdough is by using a quality starter to begin with. This kit comes with starter developed at Companion Bakery in Tasmania, a sourdough-only bakery (no baker's yeast on site). 

The SPELT and WHEAT starter is made from Callington Mill wholegrain flour, milled in a beautiful old Georgian wind mill. The RYE starter is made from chemical free flour milled in the highlands of Tasmania. Create flavoursome and crusty rustic loaves like a true baker with the tools of the trade, a willow cane banneton and professional baker's lame.

Full, easy to read instructions are provided, written by the baker, Graham Prichard. Graham has been baking sourdough since the 1980's and is keen to pass on the secrets of sourdough. He believes that home bakers are able to bake bread that is as good or better than commercial bakeries.

Kit Contains

  1. Sourdough Baking Notes - includes starter ball method as taught at Companion Bakery
  2. Organic Sourdough Spelt Starter - developed at our sourdough-only bakery in Tasmania
  3. Dough Cutter - stainless steel with plastic handle
  4. Dough Scraper - quality materials
  5. Baker's Lame Professsional - Made in France 
  6. Banneton Bread Proofing Basket - willow (please choose your preferred shape/size below)

What else is required?

Water! (general tap water is usually suitable, however filtered or clean rain/stream water is preferred)

Baking tray or baking stone (baking stone preferred - available from most homewares stores)

An Oven!!


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