I have been baking with a starter that was supposedly started 50 years ago for about 4 years now. It rises the dough just like...

  • weekend bake

    Because the forum seems deathly quiet, and I haven't posted in yonks, here is the weekend bake Dan Lepard's Mill loaf [img]http...

  • Le Beret!

    I have invented a new shape of bread this weekend. It is inspired by the french tradition, and I think is bound to oust the...

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  • Baking stones and alternatives

    Hi All New to posting here! I've been trying my hand at freeform bread for a while, and wasn't having much luck with oven spring...

  • PHD Dissertation on sourdough

    Excellent overview on sourdough. It's PDF so you get to keep it in your baker's tool box. Enjoy.

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  • Folding 1/3's

    I've been trying to achieve the large extended holes in my bread. Using Dan Lepards recipe he say's to achieve this you need to...

  • Nutritional value

    Does sour dough increase the nutritional value of bread?

  • NZ flour!

    Hi there! I have just moved from Tasmania back to NZ and once again I am having difficulty finding some decent flour. In Tassie,...

  • Sourdough bakery in Canada

    Hello all, I came across this bakery website that is quite interesting. Even though it's a long way from down under (it's in...

  • Laucke Wallaby Flour in Sydney

    Hi All, As of Monday 10th Sept 2007, Coles Leichhardt (in Norton Plaza) had in stock plain wallaby flour and also their bread mix...

  • Flours in New Zealand

    Hi all, I've been away for a bit - moving from China to New Zealand. But am settled in again and have finally got broadband again...

  • Is the starter ready???

    Hello I have taken some great advice and used Sourdoms recipe and hints and my starter is looking fantastic. I used 100g of...

  • Rye Flour

    People of earth! where can I get Rye Flour in Melbourne? Want to make a starter culture and learned, I need flour with a type no...

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  • Business profitability?

    Interested to know what profitability ratios or bench marks are used in bakeries? thanks

  • Hard Bread

    After 3-4 days my Sour dough becomes very hard - it's great to toast but hard to cut. I've bought Rye sour dough and it also goes...

  • Right On

    I found this piece on the internet the other day and felt the first paragraph sumed up for me why I enjoy making bread. Thought...

  • Alan Scott wood fired oven Melbourne

    Greetings bakers i have a bakery in Christchurch and am going through the process of putting an Alan Scott oven in - i am coming...

  • books and other info!

    Hello everyone! I am a very new SD maker and as yet have not started on my 'starter'. I bought today some freshly milled whole...

  • Bulk flour in Melbourne less than 4 bags?

    Does anyone know where to get fair price bulk (assorted types) flour in Melbourne I say 4 bags no less please? I had a good...

  • Greetings from Frankfurt

    G'day all, I've enjoyed a week and a half in Barcelona and Madrid. Now in Frankfurt for the night ready for the drive through...

  • Pan de jamon

    I wonder how Venezuelan pan de jamon (jamon means ham) would taste like with a good sourdough? It is a bread usually eaten at...

  • BBQ Sourdough

    Had some success making sourdough in my ceramic BBQ. Here is a link to a pic: .....

  • hello all

    I am a homebaker and love baking. My purpose is to start baking some sourdoughs, as soon as I read few articles on the subject...

  • Olive levain

    [img][/img] courtesy of Jeffery Hamelman's recipe cheers Dom

  • Inspirational sour dough books

    Hi guys, I was wondering if any of you could help me. I have a good friend who is a baker and who is currently trying to start...