Crystal Waters Bakery - Video

Scaling out dough at Crystal WatersCrystal Waters Bakery is a holistic artisan bakery located in the Crystal Waters Eco-village, Queensland, Australia. We were privileged to see their process. This page showcases the video we took in 2005.


Crystal Waters Bakery


Mixing by hand in a tub

Balling fruit dough / Sourcing produce
Community bakeries often source their ingredients, such as dairy products from community members.

Pita bread - balling dough

Pita bread - flattening / rolling dough

Organic free range chook in freshly baked pita bread
We shared Pita bread fresh from the oven and an organic chicken provided by one of the bakers. A meal to remember.

Scaling Out
The bakers scale out their dough well into the night.

Comments on Process

Mixing by hand
Les talks about why he has decided to mix stiff rather than slack doughs.

Village relationships and economics
Les talks about some of the features of an eco-village bakery.

Remaining small and local

The Van

Comments on Sourdough in Australia

What is 'Artisan' Bread ?
The bakers from Crystal Waters Bakery talk about what artisan baking means to them.

Competition provides variety