Organic Sourdough WHEAT Starter

Sourdough bread made with cool fermented starter

Sourdough bread is easy to make if you have a good sourdough starter. If you have time, make your own starter from scratch. Otherwise share a friends or order our starter and sourdough bread recipe below.

  • Try making your own
  • Share a friend's
  • Or use our starter

Making Sourdough Starter

It generally takes around 2 - 3 weeks to cultivate a reliably fermenting starter (called 'active' starter). Starters usually become stronger and more reliable over time.

The process of making starter only requires flour, water and a mixing/storage vessel. One of the best methods is provided here, by SourDom.

Mixing flour and water together encourages natural yeast and bacteria to ferment. It is a very simple concept and very satisfying process.

Purchase a Sourdough Starter

Alternatively, you are more than welcome to share our sourdough starter that we use daily at Companion Bakery.

  • Made in Tasmania using organic flour
  • Includes fermentation and baking instructions
  • Share this starter with your friends.
  • We will send this starter and recipe just about anywhere

Suits both cool and warm conditions. The cultures are fermented naturally throughout a range of temperatures and dough consistencies...producing a range of fruity and warmer notes. 

A high natural nutrient content comes from wholewheat organic flour and organic sprouted rye. Makes great sourdough bread using both wholegrain and unbleached flour.

Starters evolve and adapt depending on your own feeding routine, choice of flour and general storage conditions. This diversity is a good thing as the starter and bread become unique to your environment.

For Australian customers the starter is sent fresh for quicker activation. Dried for international orders (with activation instructions included).


Price: $10.00