Baking Lame Professional Stainless Steel $19.50 - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

Stainless steel handle of bakers lame with Personna razor blade

Item Includes:

1 x Professional Lame Handle
1 x Razor Blade

This style of lame is used by professional bakers all around the world. Simple and hard-wearing, the stainless steel handle curves the blade perfectly for a range of bread styles, but is particularly suited to free form loaves like baguettes and rolls.

  • Comes complete with a high quality Derby razor blade, ready to mount.
  • Comes with safety and loading insructions.

Loading the blade:

1. Always load and unload razor blades in a location away from people and food products (in case a razor blade is dropped or projected while handling).
2. Hold the razor blade between thumb and forefinger (on the shorter, blunt ends!).
3. Bend the blade so it curves away from your hand.
4. With other hand, insert the curved end of the lame handle through the outer slots in the blade.
5. The curved end should curve in the same direction as the curve in the razor blade.


Safe Use of Lames in Work and Home Environments

This style of lame is designed to improve the safety and handling of a razor blade. There are risks associated with using any sharp tool. Please conduct a risk assessment and introduce  risk management controls suitable for your working or home baking environment.

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