How to Make Sourdough Bread in Small Bakeries

How to make professional quality sourdough for cafes and small artisan bakeries.

Easy to follow method with recipes for batard, baton, sticks, fruit bread, rye bread including cooked whole grain rye. French, German, Danish styles. Only natural ingredients; in most cases just flour, salt, water and time.

This professional edition contains recipes for larger quantities of bread. If you are baking at home please see the Home Baking ebook in our shop.

The author, Graham Prichard, is a qualified baker. He has worked as a professional baker and baking trainer since the 1980's. Graham believes that bakers and employers need to have a life.

Methods and baking schedule provide the option for slow overnight rise...for sleep or play time, your choice. Alternatively bakers can prove in warmer conditions and run the process as a straight shift (sometimes you have no choice).

In commercial situations machine mixing develops dough consistently and if carefully managed can be used to mix high rye content dough. However these recipes also work well using minimal knead techniques...folding and resting.

Sourdough is simply well fermented dough baked in a suitable oven. Knowing how to achieve and recognise good fermentation is the secret of good baking and spectacular bread.

Happy Baking!




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