Banneton Bread Proofing Basket Long 1kg - New shipment, lower pricing

Using a sieve to flour a rectangle bread proofing basket Shaping a long dough piece to be placed into a rectangle banneton Finished dough pieces placed into floured bannetons for proofing Dough is tipped fom bannetons onto a tray or loader, then cut as desired Freshly baked bread showing different slashing styles Baked freeform loaf

Cane banneton, bread proofing basket, for 1.0 kg loaf

Bannetons are used as forms to raise dough. They create beautiful spiral patterns on the loaf, which is tipped out of the banneton before baking (usually onto a baking stone, brick hearth or thick oven tray).

These bannetons are made of willow and have excellent breathing and thermal characteristics. To use simply dust the inside of the banneton generously with flour before inserting your dough. Repeat this process for each bake. Less flour will be required as the banneton is matured.


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Internal Dimensions:

  • 29 cm long
  • 14 cm wide
  • 7 cm high


1000g size bannetons are suitable for both commercial and home use. A small size (44 x 41 x 20 cm) domestic oven will fit up to 2 x 1000 gram dough pieces on the sole or on a maximum size baking tray.


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Price: $28.00