Baking Utensils

Baking UtensilsScales, thermometers, dough scrapers, oven mitts
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Stainless steel handle of bakers lame with Personna razor bladeBaking Lame Professional Stainless Steel $19.50 - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK$0.00
Cane (Willow) bannetons Banneton Bread Proofing Basket - BULK (10 or more) ORDERING INFORMATION ENCLOSED$0.00
Swivel Lame $13.50 - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK$0.00
Contains 5 Derby Extra razor blades per boxDerby Extra Razor Blades 5 Box (NOT COMPATIBLE WITH SWIVEL LAME)$2.50
Plastic dough scraper by Thermo HauserDough Scraper - Thermo Hauser Plastic $4.50
Sourdough bread made with cool fermented starterSourdough Starter - Tasmanian grown WHEAT, SPELT or RYE **Special price was $15$8.00
Malted Barley and Linseed Sourdough LoafHow to create your own Starter and Basic Sourdough Bread Recipe (NOTES ONLY)$10.00
dough scraper and cutter with plastic handleDough Scraper and Cutter, Stainless and Plastic$10.00
dough scraper and cutter made of woodDough Scraper and Cutter, Stainless and Wood $12$12.00
FRENCH LAMELame - Grignette Verte (5 pack)$16.00
Sourdough Starter kitSourdough Starter KIT - Starter (WHEAT, SPELT or RYE), Grignette Verte lame, Dough Scraper ** REDUCED PRICE was $20$16.00
Campinox lameLame - Campinox Dough Knife$20.25
French linen for use as couche cloth for rising freeform loavesCouche Cloth French Linen SMALL $25.00
Micro bannetonBanneton Bread Proofing Basket Micro 500g ** NEW STOCK HAS ARRIVED $27.00
Derby blades are available in boxes of 100Derby Extra Razor Blades 100 Pack (NOT COMPATIBLE WITH SWIVEL LAME)$30.00

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