Artisan Baker Association Bakery Membership

Membership to the Artisan Baker Association for bakeries and baking institutions.

Artisan Baker Association membership is for artisan bakeries who bake high quality goods

One of the most difficult things about being a modern Craft baker, is explaining to customers how your process and product are different from any other bakery.

Artisan Baker Association's mission is to inform customers about what artisan baking is and who is practicing genuine artisan baking. is owned and operated by the Artisan Baker Association

The Sourdough Companion website is our major achievement to date. It provides a dynamic educational environment to grow the art of slow fermented baked goods. Approximately 50,000 unique visits per month, from both commercial and home bakers world wide

Bakery Members of Artisan Baker Association receive:

  • Listing of your bakery on Sourdough Companion
  • Rights to use the Association logo and standards to identify your products
  • (note: product standards do not have to appear on packaging as they appear on the members web page)
  • Window decal (logo sticker) to declare your love of the baking craft - the window decal is a very tasteful 12cm x 12cm
  • A warm, fuzzy feeling by being part of a group of bakers that care about their craft and their customers

Who is eligible?

Artisan bakeries who do not use industrial additives and successfully complete this survey. Members must bake at least one authentic sourdough bread variety

At present we only cater to smaller bakeries (less than 1000 units of bread per 24 hours). Larger bakeries and institutes are welcome to apply as sponsors 

Can I use ascorbic acid and/or gluten flour?

The Association has a Standard that includes goods with these additives 

Bakeries that use commercial bread improvers, synthetic trans fat or misleading labeling practices are not eligible.

How does it work?

Once you are a member you simply:

  1. List your bakery (and qualifying products) on your member web page
  2. Stick the association decal on your shop window
  3. (Optional) Place the Association logo on your packaging

Who operates Artisan Baker Association?

Artisan Baker Association is operated by the Artisan Baker Trust. We are based in Australia and have members all over the world

How much does it cost?

$200 AUD per year - for qualifying bakeries (up to 1000 untis per day)

$100 AUD per year - for qualifying Micro-Bakeries (less than 300 units per week AND less than $150,000 AUD bakery turnover per year)

Membership process
1. View the Artisan Baker Association Mission Statement and Guidelines
2. If your bakery agrees with the Mission Statement and Guidelines, you are welcome to apply for membership using the facility below.

Membership may be withdrawn at any time and is at the sole discretion of the Artisan Baker Trust, who operate the Artisan Baker Association. Unsuccessful or withdrawn applicants will have their application fee refunded at a pro-rata rate.

Comments or questions?

Please contact Artisan Baker Association: [email protected]

Kind Regards,
Graham Prichard
CEO Artisan Baker Trust

I have read and agree with the Artisan Baker Association Mission Statement and Guidelines


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