Harvest Café bakery, Newrybar, NSW

The Harvest café bakery is quite unique as we are operating  it as an artisan woodfired sourdough bakery early in the morning and a function room at night. It is located in the tiny village of Newrybar, in NSW. The bakery is turning 100 years old next year. We are at Harvest, trying as much as we can to use the temperature curve of the oven, starting with baking our sourdough, then the pastries (croissant, pain au chocolat...), then the meat (duck legs, whole pig...) and sometimes meringues. It is worth having a look!

Newrybar NSW
Artisan Baker Association Standards: 
ABA ProductABA Standard
Wheat sourdough
Fruit and Nuts sourdough
Wheat/linseed sourdough
Rye and Raisin sourdough
Wholemeal sourdough
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