Black out bread

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They have a saying at the post office regarding rain, snow or shine and delivery! I just got through a 7 day black out in NYC, perhaps you heard of it? Well, while protecting my digs I decided to counter depression and sweltering heat and do what else.....? Bake of course!

I am going to Europe so I decided to think of those things which I craved, like curry wurst and brotchen like when I was a soldier for Uncle Sam stationed in Germany some 20 + years ago, tI remembered shincken und butter brezeln (buttered pretzel and ham!) of course I was missing the whole tour de France so I baked a Bordelaise loaf!

The things we can do when in dire conditions!


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Bill44 2006 July 25

Thanks Bill,
No shes back, I got some cigars from an Island so I was happy!
And the black out is over for now!
Some Lady, leaves town and the power shuts down. Wow!

So now she's back with some Romeo y Julietta and it's back to Romeo and Juliette time.

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Jeremy 2006 July 25

Dunno if it's the sugar shortage, haze from the fire, or just the heat, but you guy's are all a trip!

Good to be back!


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SourYumMum 2006 July 25


What's with the saucy sausage?!!!!!!!!!!

I have a photo of a sea cucumber that has to be seen to be believed.

Even then, it's hard to believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jeremy 2006 July 25

Actually it's a bratwurst with curry and ketchup! You wouldn't imagine what we called okra in the military!


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TeckPoh 2006 July 26

A long time ago, while snorkelling, I squashed dead a sea cucumber with my bare hands out of sheer excitement.

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Jeremy 2006 July 26

The idea that you are crushing those nasty little things, brings up some really awful imagery!

cucumber crusher!



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