Oz starter re-invigorated!

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Hi all,
all alone, the Missus is off on a short business/pleasure trip to the home country and I am home alone, baking!
Pizza dinner, anchovies, olives and capiscum!
Flour I used to revive the Oz starter!
Followed Bills directions
Ended up doing equal parts flour and water with the starter, first feed!
Tommorow I have a couple loaves I wil try out! Stay tuned and ththhthhth-that's all folks!


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Bill44 2006 July 16

You brute! Throwing it in at the deep end right from the start.
Give it a chance to gain some strength and get over the jet lag mate.

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SourYumMum 2006 July 16

That's a FINE looking pizza, Jeremy!

Love the flour logo of the kiddy playing with a sharp knife and about to take all the fingers of his left hand off!

I love anchovies. Lots of them. On pizza. Fantastic little salty bombs!

Yummy scrummy!!!!!!!

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TeckPoh 2006 July 16

Jeremy, can I swap my lemon chicken with pineapple fried rice for some of that titillating pizza?

Go Aussie starter, Go!

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Jeremy 2006 July 16

Tp, I was more in the mood for some Nonya food, but that'll do! As for the starter, uh-0h, it's hungry and maybe missing home, not a bubble yet?Maybe Bill, it just doesn't like the air conditioning, but it is so hot and polluted here this week, going to stay indoors today, feel a bug coming on!(pobably the anchovies or something?) Still I'll throw in a loaf or to and cajole that starter back to life!


P.S. Hope I didn't suffucate the poor guy?

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