<p>Making sourdough is easy</p>

Novice needs starter baby help ;)

Hi guys I tried making a wild yeast starter by starting with 1 cup water and 1 cup flour. I have been adding 2 tbl water and 2...

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Sourdough Baking

Can anyone suggest anything to assist? There's so many variables and I've tried so many different things from the starter, the...


Is it normal for a starter to smell like cheese?

Day 3 and my starter looks exactly like it's supposed to: nice and bubbly. But it smells like cheese. I have never made sourdough...

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When do I use my starter?

Hi, I'm a complete newbie and managed to cheat a little and get some starter from a wonderful lady in melbourne, she's been using...


Testing Starter

How to know when starter is ready to use


Wet Dough

Hi Guys n Girls Am new to this so im not goint to give you all the information you will need but i will try my best. I have a 3...

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Why are we removing "most of" the starter?

Total newbie, both to the site, and to sourdough in general. Started last thursday and my starters are looking go-o-od! (as far...


starter jar

Hiya! I'm new to this forum and new to sourdough baking. My starter was born two weeks ago and I made my first loaf a week ago...

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Mouldy starter

I began making sourdough bread perhaps a month ago after many years of seeing it in my bread book. I followed a beginners guide...

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First starter: Thick hard crust on top

Hi all, This is my first time making sourdough starter. Everything seems to be going alright, the starter is bubbling and rising...