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<p>Making sourdough is easy</p>

Dough not growing

It's my first time making a sourdough bread and I started yesterday, I used 100g of starter* (feeded) 500g of all-porpose flour...

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What is a cup?

Hi, I've been browsing the website & notice a number of recipes measure flour in 'cups' which I find confusing. I have at...


Some Newbie Questions

Hey everyone. I've been creeping the forums reading all the great posts and advice and decided to sign up and ask a few questions...

saving sourdough starter

can you save rest of the sourdough that you made from your first batch.

My starter rise up and falls back within a couple of hours

Hello, I have started a whole wheat starter with 60 ml water and 50 gr whole wheat flour. I have been feeding it every 12 hours...

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I'm new here, is my bread well cooked?

I'm new to baking, my inside look almost slightly grey, are my concerns valid or am I tripping? I am thinking it could be because...


Texture problems

Hey everyone! I have recently started baking sourdough bread and i am in love. It has been maybe 3 or 4 weeks now, i have baked...

Sourdough crumb is spongy

Hello, i started making sourdough bread only 2 months ago and have struggled to correct this issue. The bread comes out...

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Where am i going wrong?

Hello, Over the past month or 2 i've been trying to bake white sourdough loaves, but failing 90% of the time. My liquid starter...


First sourdough loaf

Hi everyone! I'm Cheryl, I live in Queensland Australia. I have baked bread for many years, but this is my first sourdough loaf...