Mexican Concha using 20 % of sourdough starter update!!

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Usually i used to made some  "conchas"(  wich is a tipical mexican bread) using "Pate Fermente" a kind of solid polish, here in mexico its  been called "Pata",  today i realized  i haven´t "Pate Fermente" and  i have  to  disscard some  of my sourdouhg starter,  well   what  about to use a  little quantity of starter instead of "Pate fermente" ?

I began with 20% of the weigth of the totally dough.

 Here  the Recipe  and  the procedure:

For the Bread :

 Mexican " Concha" 
Ingredient.Weigth (gr)Onzas% Baker
Flour (Unbleach)50017.5100
Brown Sugar1505.330
Flower Salt50.181
Wet Yeast 50.181
Vanilla Extract50.181
Sourdough Starter180 36


For The Cover :

 Weigth (gr)Onzas% Baker
Almond Powder501.810



  - Put together flour, half of sugar, half of Butter, sourdogh starter, milk,wet yeast, Egg, Vanilla extract, and  upss!!  i almost forgot one teaspon of  orange peel.  

 Mix 5 minuts then  put salt,  the rest of the  sugar  and butter, continue mixing until the  dough pass the membrane




Let the  dough rest in a warm place  2 hrs ( or until  double the  size).


After  that cut into 100 gr. pieces and shape in a small  "boulee".

put the pieces  in a tray  cover  with  paper baker.


paint the pieces  with melted butter.

now it´s time  to prepare the  sweet cover, put  together in a mixer the  butter, sugar, almond powder and  flour and you could put or a tablespon of vanilla extract or 50 gr cocoa powder.   Mix well until looks homogeneus and feel very soft.  Take a little of this  cover and make a flat "tortilla" and put it on the your  piece.




well, it´s time  to wait the  second fermentation 2 hrs at leats.

After that  prepare  your  oven  at 300 °F and  bake at 15 min.  until apear a gold color in the  bread (not the  cover).  



Enjoy  it with a Cup  of  Chocolate,  but  let me see...


Mexican Bread, Mexican Chocolate  sound good, the real  Mexican Chocolate it´s  not prepared  with  milk but water and lot of foam on the top.  






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lamaisondupain 2011 March 17

Yes,  thanks.


I´ve  been update the recipe, using  other  units of  mesure, ounces and  bakery percentage.

Enjoy  it  and please  let me now when  you put  in action this  recipe.



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Karniecoops 2011 March 12

They look fabulous!  Did you do the markings/cuts on the top individually?  Beautiful!

How about a recipe for that wonderful Mexican hot chocolate too??  I love it every time I have it

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skayc1 2011 March 13

 I've never made a recipe using grams and have no Idea how to convert it to cups, teaspoons & tablspoons. Also I have no Idea what 'wet yeast is' how much dry yeast would we add to water? or could we add extra starter to leave out the commercial yeast? Oh and where to find Almond Powder? 

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lamaisondupain 2011 March 17


Well,  i´ve  been  update the  recipe  with  another  units i hope it be  good  for  you. Also the  wet yeast  is the

most  polular  form  we  used  here  in México but you  can  use dry yeast using  only  1/3 of  the recipe and adding it  to the  milk, of course you can decide not use yeast  but only  sourdough  starter, but  prepare  your  self  because  the  time bettewn fermentations could  be really  long.


If  you can´t get almond powder  in your store or market,  you can make  it  by  yourselt,  just buy some  almonds and  put  it  in to your  blender until if looks  like dust.



HopesHope 2011 March 13

Thank you for this recipe, I haven't had Mexican Bread since I life California and moved to Canada.   Now I can make it myself.



Tania 2011 March 16

These look just wonderful, I have some Mexican drinking chocolate pieces in my pantry,  I might just have to make some of these breads to go with the chocolate sometime soon! Do you make the pattern on top with a fork?  Thanks for posting your recipe.

margie 2011 September 14


I have a friend in Mexico with a small bakery. I forwarded your site to her. Maybe you can help each other:)

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SourRalph 2013 May 5

They look amazing, I'm going to bookmark this page and give them a try when I've got a bit more time!

Thanks for sharing!

higo 2017 January 29

Hi! I am Mexican, (living in Cleveland since 2012). I have prepared my loved conchas in the "normal" way but I am really looking for healthier bread. I found now your recipe with the sourdough! thank you so much for posting it! I am preparing them now. Thanks a lot!. 

kathleendd 2017 March 24

Thank you for this recipe.  I had to put the dough in the fridge overnight thanks to my late start and it possible added to the nice flavor.  I used a 1:2:2 starter and so it might have contributed to a denser concha.  I'm trying again this weekend with a 100% hydration starter to see if there is a noticeable difference.  Either way, this is such a keeper. xo


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