I've finished school. Yay!

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On Friday the 21st of November, I officially completed over 12 years of formal education...woo! hoo!

So I'm likely to have a little bit more free time on my hands (for the time being). I plan to use some spare moments to update this website, add new features and fix things etc. I'd like to use this blog post as a discussion on what needs to be done. What's you opinion on the current website? (Does it achieve its purpose?) What's confusing and how could we make this resource easier to use? I hope we can make this website twice as easy to use and 3 times as friendly. If there's anything on your mind, please note it in the comments.

Thank you,


doughman 2008 November 28
Thanks for all of your help in maintaining this site.  If there`s going to be a new look and feel to the site, perhaps it is best to make the announcement early in advance at the main webpage, so everyone can see it, and maybe offer a preview of the new look and feel, so users can offer their feedback.  So, what`s next for you?  Further education or time to find a job?
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Maedi 2008 November 28
Thanks Doughman. I'm actually just about to update the site with a new look! However it is only a refinement of our current theme, and it comes with a better functioning forum, which is my favourite part. I'd really like to just get it up, I hope you don't mind if I do pics next time? (Great idea). After school? For me it's hard to know what you want to do after 12 years of school. Too many possibilites... maybe something to do with art and design.
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celia 2008 November 29

Good for you, Maedi! My eldest goes into Yr 11 next year, so he's not far behind you.

All the best for the results!


PS.  Website changes already looking good - I picked this post up from the homepage.
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lamp 2008 November 29
Congratulations on finishing school Maedi, I hope all your exams went well. :-)

By the way, I like the changes to the site.....
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LeadDog 2008 November 29
I was liking the new look until I tried to reply to a forum post.  The "Reply" and "Quote" commands are missing.  I tried Safari and Firefox 3.0.  Congraduations on finishing school. You are doing a great job on the website.  So you want to do something with "Art and Design"?  How about slashing bread?  :)
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Maedi 2008 November 29
Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your comments.

@LeadDog. Sorry about the lack of forum buttons, I'm on it. In regards to slashing bread, well I have a feeling that I will be making bread often (as a hobby) some day soon, it really is an art form so I think I'll get right into it.


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