Pomegranate Bread

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It is Fall here and the Pomegranates are getting ripe.  I decided to made a bread with Pomegranate seeds in it.  Somewhere in my brain I figured that the seeds needed to be paired up with some Orange flavor so the formula has Orange Zest and Orange Juice in it.  Here is what the finished loaf looks like.  Looks like the bread has a case of the measels.

You can read about the rest here, Pomegranate Bread.



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TeckPoh 2009 November 2

And, LD, you seem to have everything I love to eat there! Pomegranates! Refreshing goodness popping in your mouth. Are the pomegranate seeds all dried up when the bread is baked? How does dried pomegranate seeds taste like?

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LeadDog 2009 November 2

 Thanks TP for reminding me to tell about the Pomegranate Seeds.  The seeds are fresh right from the fruit.  Here is what I did to get the seeds.  I opened up the Pomegranate over a bowl of water.  The seeds sink and the bitter membrane floats.  I skimmed off the membrane and took the amount of seeds that I wanted for the bread.  The rest I ate.  They were really good.  TP Pomegranates are a tropical fruit, so do you have any there?

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TeckPoh 2009 November 2

Now I know a good way of separating the membranes. Not easy to find here, most of the pomegranates we get come from India, cost around US$1.50 for a medium size fruit. So far, I've only eaten it in salads, scraping the little jewels out with a spoon, membranes and all. So, your separation tip is great!


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Johnny 2009 November 2

You never cease to amaze me LD!...I think it's a really cool looking bread. I am really starting to get envious of your co-workers. Thanks for the link to your formula :)

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Mr_Punchy 2009 November 4

nice looking bread.  Gonna have to get my hands on some pomegranates when fall falls in australia in six months!  Nice work! 

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