In the depths of heat plague and bread deprivation!

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Leave it to my bumbling President to let the children of the holy land kill each other! What for, gas and well....another blog another subject!

My own funk is that of the non baker mode, starters in fridge dormant like volcanoes wanting out of the ice chambers, locked in the feeding on their own bodies stores of food(flour and water)! While outside horrid celcius and faranheits burn like 451! I can't stand summer, or are we in a planetary crisis! What's an apartment kafkaesque home baking cockroach like me supposed to do! I made cheese cake at work to satisfy my baking withdrawls, nice creamy,lemony mascarpone with a dollop of fresh strawberry jam! Still it's not the airy, gas filled dough so wet and so well...almost, dare I give this next sentence some gratuitous sexual note or connotations...close your eye's all of those who don't know the pangs and hunger for which I speak(this guy is nuts?!)

Okay so I miss my natural state of ooommmmness with my loaves and it's artsy fartsy retro grouchy hippie feel, you see how long you can stand it! Imagine, my poor babies having to wait to be fed while I enjoy foreign breads in foreign lands while vacationing in old Europa!

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