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Been to the otherside, Europa. Loved every minute too, not gonna say too much, may step on my own tongue or somthin!? (spell check!)Had this epiphany, read Camus and snuggled up to all those French bread guy's to see if they could make some sanduches.

Ok, I am poking fun of our Prez, reading the Herald Tribune while traveling to the most decadent western civilizations and reading about Jihadis killing us them or anything that moves, well enough! Bread was what I wanted and well Switzerland and of Course Paris had it!Now that I am back home in New York, I am back into the wind and grind of daily existance, but what really ticked me off was now you can't get that last minute bottle of wine or tasty French Saucisson, Cuban cigar or whatever at the duty free shop, restrictions, global terror, what is this world coming too?
Can't take a good tasting product and enjoy back here in the US of A! God damned they started that stupidity about French fries, Freedom fries, hell there from Belgium!

Sorry I am spouting, I still haven't properly fed my starters, I'm in a funk after eating and looking at some of the finest products, food and wine in the world, even took some California wine, Zinfandel to my Brother in-laws, he begrudgingly (I think) liked it, and when I returned from Paris having tasted some great Chinon well, I was back on terra ferma!Now that I am back I took my dormant levain out and stirred it into a dough or two, promise I will feed it after all my posts and photo's are up, I will be the one who's gonna decide because I'm the decider, as W would say!


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