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Already back at work and well I wanna scream! My employees are well....boring and they are bored, existing for there checks and passing the time chattering like old biddies, dare I sound sexist or even discriminatory, I apologize but I don't, just can't find the exact metaphor and cliches seem so..............well correct!

Another thing bothering me is seeing a friend, a talented cook and baker in trouble, looking for new work, sign of tumultuous times.He helped me learn about baking, he has a natural feel maybe less than measured in the sense he doesn't have a schoolish adittude to cooking it's just do it!
I read this article about bread being made in restaurants and how bad American baking had been for a long time! Now it seems star chefs are adding bakeries into there repertoire, are they cutting out the bakers? Is this a part of globalization or hybridization? In an interview on my regular site my guest, Noel Comess a former chef of the famed quilted Giraffe, owner of Tom cat bakery in LIC NY, said it was easy to distinguish a cooks bread from a baker? He also had said that most bakers were coming from the restaurant industry and probably a lot of them were well educated women? I'm in trouble, I am a male 40 something, a professional chef, avid home baker, with some baking training from school and last but not least half French!I had terrible grades through high school, graduated by the skin of my teeth;most of my disenchantment was due in part too my believing teachers didn't know how to teach, I think that can be said also in cooking or perhaps baking, although I feel bakers like minded sorts are nurturing, must be having to take care of there "mother" or "Chef", whatever you want to call it, I digress even more by saying that the act of perpetuating the chef, levain, etc is an act of yes....microrganic-sexuality! Your birthing loaves through a flour water and bacterial feed!(this shows why I failed biology, or was it the marijuana seeds in the I tried planting in class?) Now even more I see a trend of eco minded baking communities appearing through out our internet world, bless there souls, reminds me of when the end of the hippie generation in the 70's was getting business savy and opening health stores, and again I am in a dilema, I see so many people just doing it just going and opening that bakery.....I either need to be re-incarnated or just make a decision somewhere! Do you stay on the grid or get off and let that freak flag fly!


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