aber Mamma mein Brot ist schimmelig(Teaching myself how to make German bread)

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Been toying with becoming a better baker, promised myself to think things through when I bake. Approach each new or old formula with a scientific approach, jot notes etc....yeah right, but some how I have had some fairly successful loaves and tinkered with follow ups on one particular loaf that I pinched from a German bakery site. I queried some of the friends I have encountered in forum land on how to translate German bread when in the good old US of A!

Rye is a maligned grain, it's grassy and gliadine grain makes for some interestingly dense but surprisingly light loaves! It's now my firm belief that apple fiber gives some sort of light airy kick in the ass when doing this particular loaf that I sort of threw together in two trial and error experiments! The first was a lead rock and I didn't consider making a soaker of some of the items in my roster of ingredients! Second try I succumbed to apple fiber ( I just grated my granny smith and left the juice in it!) the bakers on the said German saurteig site kind of haven't answered back on that call yet! It was bad enough I suggested using soy beans or flour, they looked down on that and I sort of agreed in the principle of a quasi Reihetsgebot purity of ingredient kinda way!!!!

I will give this bread another shot for better scheduling in fermentation, shaping hell just to make a absolutely awesome and un-forgettablel loaf!

First feeding:
20g rye
20g water
10g starter

Second feeding:
49g water
49g rye
49g Starter

Levain 62% 146g
Wheat flour 69% 162g
Rye(fine) 21% 49 grams
rye schrott (fine)10% 24g
wasser 68% 160g
salz 2% 6g
brot gewürze 2% 4g (koriander,fenchel, anis, caraway)
Kürbis 15% 34g
apple fiber 14% 34g

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