Brasserie bread

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Brasserie Bread
We have just joined ABA and are looking forward to meeting your all and sharing the passion regarding artisan bread.



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Graham 2008 May 17
It is great to have you on board Michael. For anyone that does not know, Brasserie Bread are an Australian bakery based in Banksmeadow, a suburb of Sydney. see:

Michael and the team supply restaurants and hotels, as well as having a cafe/shop at the bakery. The cafe features an expansive window so that cafe-goers can watch the bakers (including pastry-bakers) mix, shape and whatever else bakers do.

If you are in or going to Sydney, Brasserie is a short drive from the Airport at: 1737 Botany Road, Banksmeadow NSW 2019. Phone 02 9666 6845. email: [email protected]

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TeckPoh 2008 May 20
Love watching window displays and bakers at work! If you ever catch an asian woman clicking away, it'll be me. *blush*

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Brasserie Bread 2008 May 20

I you are coming to our bakery, please don't be shy, ask the guys in the cafe if I am around so I can give you a tour of the place.
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celia 2008 July 28

You were all most kind when we came to pick up some spelt flour from you a month or so ago - thank you.  It's lovely to have you here at, and I look forward to seeing more photos of your beautiful breads!!

Cheers, Celia
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celia 2008 July 28

Really?  I was just checking out your existing webpage, and I think it looks great! Though the per serving calorie count on your friands worries me a bit.. ;)

Will check out your new website next week - good luck with the launch!
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TeckPoh 2008 July 29
and, one day, your bakery too. 

Celia, since when did you check calorie counts????? lol!

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celia 2008 July 29

Sigh. Since my rear end got so big that it was given its own postcode.


Speaking of friands - Michael, I love the shape of your friands!  Do you import your own moulds?  I've never seen a baking pan with that shape - they really look very special!  You've made me dissatisfied with my boring oval friands now... :)
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Brasserie Bread 2008 July 29
The shape of the friands is from one of the flexipan. check out

there is lots of very creative shapes, and every time we do a new cake we find a new shape.  
Their is another brand that has a more domistic purpose, I think that they are called wonderflex.

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celia 2008 July 30

Arrrgh, you make friands that look that good using a silicone pan? guys are amazing!!

I can't make anything I bake in a silicone pan brown properly - I get more of a steamed texture rather than a crisp baked one.

Hey, I like your new photo.. :)
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TeckPoh 2008 July 30

Every time I go and get supplies from one cake supplies shop, I'd spend ages oogling at these demarle pans. Pyramid, or pointy oval, or half sphere? I'm glad someone here uses them, as I'd appreciate answers to some of my questions...they ain't cheap....before I force myself to choose one.

1. They appear rather thin/flimsy. How do they handle?
2. Like Celia commented...will the baked goods brown?
3. Will they tear?
4. Are the cakes as easy to remove as they seem?


Just to drag this thread back to sourdough...I might use them for sourdough buns, lol.

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Brasserie Bread 2008 July 31

It is the most amazing product for cake making. It is light easy to clean, stores easily hanging like a pair of pans on hangers with the 2 clips.
they bake really well, they do not need lots of greasing, they have a long life around 2000 bakes, and yes the cakes are easy to remove if you treat them properly (no soap).

So as you can read we don't like them;)

I have tried baking bread in them, and it came out ok.
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celia 2008 August 1

I did some research into Flexipan, and found out that they're a combination of silicone and fibreglass, which might explain why they don't have the same browning issues as cheap silicone pans!  Certainly your Brasserie Bread cakes don't look like my muffins did when baked in the $8 silicone pan I bought at the local department store!  TP, be aware that the Flexipan seems very very expensive - I found one online retailer, and many of the pieces were upwards of $100 each.

Michael, has your new website gone "live" yet?  Haven't had a chance to check...
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TeckPoh 2008 August 1
Yeah, I do know their price$$$...hence, the looooonnng deliberation/dreaming/pondering/calculating. Once in a while, the shop has a sale, though. If I can wait that long...

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Brasserie Bread 2008 August 4
The website has been updated and was launched Friday night. As you will see there are a couple of new things on there, specially the training and workshop section.
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celia 2008 August 4

Hahaha...I already went in there and asked them if they had a pan that shape, and said how wonderful your friands looked.  Good on them, they're so loyal, they didn't even tell me which pans you used, even though they did say you were their customers.. ;)

Congrats, new website looks great!  I spent about 15 minutes checking it out, liked the training stuff, and the kids classes you hold look like they'd be heaps of fun.  My son really enjoys doughmaking (I had to buy him a white baker's hat), particularly pizzas!

And I didn't realise you'd evolved from the old Bayswater Brasserie! :)

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