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I have only been with SC for the past few weeks but have sure learned alot. A few weeks ago I got 2 different starters online- one from Carls friends and one from King Arthur Flour. I have fed the first with only rye then whole wheat, and the second only AP. They make completely different breads that I can taste, yet everyone who has tried them wants more. I just wish I would have recorded somewhere at home how I did what I did!!!! As I have come into the motherlode of WWF, 60# to be exact, I have had to do what I can to use it so I won't be responsible for spoiling the rest. I will try to download a picture of my most recent bakefest. I baked 4 different batches using 2 different combinations of the first starter with X amount of WWF/APF, and the same with the second starter. No idea which one was the winner. A lesson learned in keeping notes, not just pictures.


Muff 2010 May 10

Yeah, we've all done that. I think when we first start with a new procedure we're not really expecting anything earthshaking, just want to get a little experience in handling it all. Then by serendipity or underlying talent we end up with winners. I'm still trying to replicate a carbonara sauce I made a few years ago.

But what the heck- just keep at it and you'll find yourself gravitating towards what works. (I like to tell my apprentices that you learn more from your failures than from the winners!

Your whole wheat flour should be good for quite a few weeks or longer, but if in doubt it can be frozen or refrigerated to gain time.

Congratulations on your success. I hope you get the photos up- I need to learn how to do that too.


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