• Morpeth Sourdough

    Stephen and Allison Arnott are the face of Morpeth Bakery. Morpeth bakery make real sourdough using only flour, purified water...Read more

  • The Loaf Bakery

    The Loaf is in Johannesburg, South Africa. We presently selling from 4 different markets, one of them is the Bryanston Organic...Read more

  • Cliffside Bakery

    Handmade bread... Naturally leavened and Hearth baked in a Wood fired oven, in Toronto Canada.Read more

  • Pan Chancho Bakery

    At Pan Chancho we use electric mixers, hand shape all of our bread, and bake them in an electric deck oven with four decks and...Read more

  • Neville Beechey AJ millman Bakery

    Hello all , I have exciting news, I have fired up the left oven at a low temperature to test for a few days.We fired it up on...Read more


    OUTLET SUPERMARKET is located on freedom city mall along Entebbe road in Namasuba uganda.... its a must shopping centre to be...Read more

  • Loafer

    Loafer Bread MelbourneRead more

  • pablo conesa alternative bakery

    Alternative Bakery is a new concept of artisan bread and bakery, at the same time is a laboratory of new technics about breads...Read more

  • Brasserie Bread

    Brasserie Bread Training - New Courses Brasserie Bread has emerged as an important centre for artisan baking in Australia. Their...Read more

  • Hobbs House Bakery

    HOBBS HOUSE BAKERY remains dedicated to the traditions, care and craftmanship of artisan baking and has been independent owned...Read more

  • La Madre Bakery

    La Madre Bakery is an artisan sourdough producer based in Geelong, Victoria. Our skilled bakers use simple methods and considered...Read more

  • SourdoughBaker Cafe

    SourdoughBaker Cafe is Warwick Quinton's latest bakery and cafe, situated in the heart (or slightly west of it, actually) of...Read more

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  • The Shrewsbury Bakehouse

    We are a small award winning bakery specialising in long ferment and sourdough breads. We do not use any enhancers or improvers...Read more

  • cum pane

    A small 100% organic artisan bakery, making bread by heart and hand.Read more

  • Flinders Sourdough

    Traditional sourdough loaves baked in the original Flinders' wood fired Scotch Oven. 100% organic, wholegrain and hand made.Read more

  • Van Leuven Sourdough Bread

    Jason Van Leuven is an artisan in the tradition of the old French bakers. Years under the tutelage of some of Europe’s finest...Read more

  • Hope Farm

    Hope Farm Bakery started from a request for some sourdough bread at a small farmers market in Drouin some 4 years ago. Initially...Read more

  • Back in the Day Bakery

    Back in the Day Bakery is a foodies destination serving up Savannah's Best Desserts & Treats, Artisan Breads and award...Read more