Plump Harvest

Plump's sourdough has previously been made by commercially trained bakers, but owners Michael and Danielle wanted the ultimate freedom of doing it their way. This gutsy move has paid off; the bread is absolutely spectacular and Michael and Danielle can tell you exactly how they made it; how the dough was a little too wet or the oven was mis-behaving,  and how they worked the time and the temperature to produce the best possible outcome.

Naturally, they use organic flour and start with a base of just flour, salt and water. This is genuine sourdough with no added commercial yeast. The cakes and coffee and savoury meals are from the same "if I wouldn't love to bake it then why bother" mind-set. Danielle's cherry tart is particularly well known as the region's best.

I pass through Myrtleford about twice a year...this is definitely the place to stop for a meal. Please say hi to Danielle and Michael.

03 5752 2257 / Fax: 03 5752 2247
72 Myrtle Street
Myrtleford VIC
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