Flour bakery proves that it is possible to run a high quality artisan bakery within a shopping arcade. It helps that 'Ferry Road Markets' is not your typical arcade development. Each vendor is a master of their trade ...chocolates...floristry...coffee...homewares...etc. The mall has a market 'buzz' in the air.

Jesse Downes is the master of bread and some other stuff to. He makes 100% organic sourdough and lighter, long ferment yeast breads. Jesse retains the holistic mantra, 'if it is not a high quality product, why bother'. So other indicators of a good bakery are present....fresh creams and custards, real pies with real bits inside and a range of other moresome savouries.

Crazy to think what type of bakery would be here if the developers hadn't insisted on a genuine artisan. And what a difference it makes. Excellent.


107 Ferry Rd
Southport QLD
Artisan Baker Association Standards: 
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