Yin's Sourdough Bakery

We baked all types of bread and buns using our sourdough starter. We do not use commercial or baker's yeast, bleached flour, softening agent, dough conditioner or preservative in making of our bread. Our ingredient consist of only unbleached flour, water and salt. It takes more than 2 days, from getting the wild culture or starter ready, mixing, leavining or natural fermentation to baking of the bread. 

We believe we are the only bakery in Penang that follow strictly the sourdough method, to bake a healthier, natural and more satisfying bread for our family, friends and customer 

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Product Standards

Artisan Baker Association members are encouraged to list their products and their corresponding sourdough baking standards below. See the standards.

Product: Standard:
ART 2.1 - Sourdough Wholemeal OR Unbleached White