baking at home TASTER

Hi from Quito (Ecuador) and congratulations for your video: you've been able to summarize in just one minutes a lot of ideas and invite any beginner to a fantastic adventure: bread making! I'm Paolo, born in Italian but living here in Ecuador since 1989, so I coud say i' m half italian/half ecuadorian...during the last 3 years I like to bake at leat a couple of times a week my home bread with sourdough, previously I was used at using dry yeast, but it's easy to realize the difference of quality bread sourdough can make..did I undestand well? Your sourdough is 90 years feel proud of mine which is just 3 years old...Feel free to contact me anytime, just in case, my skype user: rocioypa1...Happy baking and cheers

Oh, you youngsters,you're too hasty - this vid was for me too fast.  .

Ciao, Yo tabien soy de Ecuador (Guayaquil), pero vivo en Irlanda y en 4 Dias me mudo a Paris. EsPero aprender mas en Paris.