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wild yeast

Loaf #7

by jaywoo

I spotted the below recipe on another site, thought I'd give it a go.Bread Flour - 470gRye Flour... read more →

commented on 1 year ago

Hot Cross Buns

by digitalorthodoxy

Today I had a bit of fun...I made two batches of Hot Cross BunsBatch 1 was using dry yeast using the... read more →

commented on 1 year ago

Combining starters

by sweethearth

I was feeding my starters and was pouring off some of the two I have going.  I decided to combine them to make sourdough pancakes and the whole t... read more →

commented on 2 years ago

Doubting a starter

by ReyKey

 Hi to everybody i just found this community and i think it's amazing. I'm just growing my live starter since around 15 -20 days and i think it has be... read more →

commented on 3 years ago