Sourdough Companion 12 October 2008

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Dear Baker,

Welcome to the October 2008 edition of the Sourdough Companion newsletter.

It is nice to know that bread in its most simple form is flour, salt and water and warmth. Bakers have the luxury of gaining immense satisfaction from a limited palette. Our art is extended through variations in fermentation, ingredients, mixing, shaping, oven technique and individual baking style. It is wonderful to be a part of this culture. - Graham


- a recent batch of ciabatta by Dom


New South Wales
- Sydney, Australia

ABA will be baking this Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 October, between 6am and 12 midday as part of the BakeFest event run by NBIA.

Everyone who receives this newsletter - home and professional bakers - are welcome to turn up and bake with us. Please register online and introduce yourself to Maedi or myself in the ABA baking area. There is no charge for this event.

Venue: Chifley Penrith Panthers, Exhibition Pavilion, Mulgoa Road, Penrith NSW. Please arrive early if you would like to bake! Phone me if you get lost!
Mobile. 0437 55 2324 - Graham

Click here to register
(Individuals can register. No company name required).

Victoria - Australia

Boonderoo Farm still have a few places left for their workshop in the Victorian high country. The event will occur over two days, November 8-9.

Thomas and Gabi Moritz are holistic bakers who make sourdough bread from their North East Victoria property. They have an Alan Scott wood fired oven and bake organically for local markets and shops.

Now is the perfect time to retreat to the wilderness and bake sourdough bread in good company.

Cost:$250 / ABA Members $220, including meals and accommodation.

Click here to find out more!


- Simon Gosset demonstrates traditional French mixing

Jesse Downes and Robert Booth (Flour Bakery) were bakers in  residence at our Ekka Gathering, in Brisbane (August). Rob gave a clear demonstration of how to make Fougasse.

A few weeks earlier I was lucky enough to meet Simon, a young baker from France. Simon stayed with my family for a week and I invited him to demonstrate some baking techniques at a local baking school, Metro College.

This video shows Simon mixing a dough by hand, using a traditional technique.

More recently, Renaud from France has uploaded a fantastic video showing sourdough being made at his bakery in Paris.

ABA Memberships

ABA memberships are now provided free to individual members. Current financial (founding) members will receive additional benefits for the remainder of their subscription, as well as free renewal membership.

Founding ABA Members....we thank you. Maedi and I are sending you a Christmas present (insert faith or holiday suited to you!) as a small gesture. Look out for it in your mail box this November.

Web Community

TeckPoh has been active on the site for several years. For the past year TP has also had the title of 'Moderator'. We want to thank TP for such impartial and inspiring moderating for all this time.

TP has decided to take a break from moderating but I am certain that we will still see her hang around as a regular contributor.Take a look at a few of TP's initiatives, including the Ciabatta and Fougasse and Flat Bread Bake-Offs.

Thank You TP!!

TeckPoh's Gallery

TP's Web Site

Recipe: Jack's Sourdough Crumpets

Jacklang posted this recipe some time ago. He credits Dan Lepard as an influence for the formula.

Click here to make Sourdough Crumpets!

Photo by Jack Lang


Brasserie Bread Training - Sydney, Australia
Courses on artisan baking

Brasserie Bread have introduced a range of interesting courses on artisan baking. The courses are very popular and cater for most levels of baking expertise.

The Sourdough Shop

New items include a full range of baker's lames and blades, scoops and jugs, dough scrapers. Banneton prices have been reduced, and we are also trying to keep shipping costs down.

The Sourdough Shop

Berry Woodfired Sourdough

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