Sourdough Breads

Semolina Filone

Ferment flour 166g whole wheat 18 h20 129g levain 15g Final dough Bread flour 52g Durum Semolina 253g water 189g salt 10 g levain 348g...Read more


Sourdough sticks

This recipe is from the book "Baker" by Dean Brettschneider and Lauraine Jacobs...Read more

Sourdough Vienna White

For Preferment: 1 Tbsp Starter 100g water 100g bread flour Dough: 100g cool water 200g bread flour 1tsp salt oil for kneading For...Read more


Rye Loaf 750g.

The starter for this loaf is at 100% hydration and the flour in the starter is 1/3 rye and 2/3 white bakers flour. For 1 x 750g Loaf.Read more

Jerusalem sourdough

No this is not an Israeli version of San Francisco sourdough. It is a simple sourdough loaf using jerusalem artichokes from my garden. I am...Read more

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Sourdough Foccacia

This is a first try at making a sourdough foccacia. The recipe is Dan Lepard's, but with yeast omitted, times stretched, and hydration...Read more

Sourdough Pain de mie

Spotted a Pain de Mie recipe over at an eG thread and thought it would be interesting to convert it to sourdough. I halved the recipe to...Read more


Raisin bread/Basic fruit loaf

I have been trying for a long time to make a sourdough fruit bread that wasn't incredibly heavy and dense in texture. This recipe is...Read more


Sourdough Frying Batter

I tweaked the original recipe from to get a very nice light and crispy batter. Instead of...Read more


Sourdough Olive bread

This was a first attempt at making a sourdough olive bread, and I think still needs some tweaking. The olives are added using the '...Read more