• Bread Calculator

    Hey there, first post! I made a little bread calculator that uses bakers percentages to scale a recipe up/down, calculate final...

  • First sourdough loaf

    Hi everyone! I'm Cheryl, I live in Queensland Australia. I have baked bread for many years, but this is my first sourdough loaf...

  • sourdough newbie

    hello, i'm laura and i am brand new to the world of sourdough! i just started my starter right after christmas. pictured is my...

  • Hi, I'm new here

    Hi everyone. I'm new here and just wanted to say hi. My name is Kitty. I started my starter seven years ago but have really only...

  • Learning to slash high hydration dough.

    Steam and temperature seem to be more useful that my technique but I am trying to learn the lame instead of scissors or serated...

  • Preservation of dry starter

    Good day All, Very new to the whole scene, but a quick question on the best way to preserve a starter culture in the long term...

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  • Yet another heavy damp loaf

    I just got back into making Sourdough after a 10 year hiatus. I started by making my own sourdough starter. The first time I got...

  • Really simple sourdough pitta

    A really easy pitta recipe that I've adapted to make sourdough. Delicious pillows of chewiness that are great stuffed with, well, stuff...Read more

  • Bread Flour in Perth

    I have recently moved from the UK to Fremantle, south of Perth, Western Australia and would greatly appreciate some help with...

  • Sourdough starter

    Ive been feeding my starter twice a day for 11 days now. bubbles great no rise. Can I put to rest in fridge at this point. Reason...

  • Breaking Many Rules!

    I think I am one of the luckiest bakers, but I'm concerned sometimes that my tendency to improvise may cause me to miss some...

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  • Starter issue?

    I have a sourdough starter that I began around Thanksgiving. I have been feeding it daily as I was not ready in my kitchen to...

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  • Sourdough rolls

    Hello fellow bakers. Can anyone tell me what to use to prove rolls to keep their shape? I have bannetons for full sized loaves...

  • Starter pet names

    So, what's your starter's pet name? Mine is Tabetha (daughter of Bessie)

  • Starter Has Gone Still

    Hi there, I'm on day five on my starter - last night was the first day that emptied out most of the starter and refreshed it with...

  • Is it still safe to use

    Hello everyone. I found my sourdough with a lots of little black dots. a photo attached. Is it still safe to use? is it moldy?...

  • Sour Dough Starter

    My bread from my sour dough starter is no longer rising. This recipe was given to me several years ago. To feed the starter every...

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  • Calling Whole-wheat bakers

    I've been working with sourdough for two years now and bake almost exclusively with freshly ground whole wheat flour. I've made...

  • Infused Yeast Water

    While this isn't your traditional sourdough loaf, it's a delicious naturally leavened "infused yeast" loaf. If you’ve never heard...

  • Too many cracks in my sourdough bread?

    Hello, Just started my sourdough adventure and making progress. My bread still cracks in areas where I do not scour my dough when...

  • My sourdough starter is called Evert

    Hello fellow bakers! I'm from The Netherlands (living in Scotland) and have eaten sourdough throughout my childhood. Recently I...

  • My favorite bread

    I guess my search for this bread started about four years ago and I didn't even know that until now. The final parts started with my new...Read more

  • Can dough be frozen ?

    George has asked... My work and leisure time schedules leave little room for baking. Many bread baking recipes I see (and try)...

  • How to get larger air pockets?

    I'm a beginner having made just 3 sourdough loaves thus far. I've been following the excellent guide here:

  • Buying a Grain Mill

    Hello, I am thinking of buying a grain mill for my breadmaking and would like to have as much information, tips, advice etc...