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I am kind of struggling with my sourdough baking, I love doing it, but my loaves are so inconsistent its getting a bit disheartening. I was worried I wasn't kneading enough so now I half knead it in a mixmaster, then let it sit and fold it a few times. The quatities I use make two loaves and I have one bit loaf tin, so I usually do one loaf in that and another proved in a basket and turned out. The loaf tin one is usually fine (not always). But the basket proved one always pancakes when I turn it out and then hardly rises. I don't have a dutch oven, so I bake in a skillet (pre heated) in a 260 degree oven, with a tray of boiling water underneath. I use 1100g strong flour, 600g water, 300g starter, 22g salt. I proof overnight either in the fridge or in a cupboard (its winter in Scotland so may as well be in the fridge). the rise is good and it always feels so good when I shape it, but it seems to lose its structure in the proofing. 

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