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Hi there! I am new to the sourdough community. I am wondering if it is possible to use 100% fed starter to bake bread. Is it necessary to add additonal flour? I have made delicious pancakes from 100% starter (I know pancakes are different). Does anyone have a recipe that is close to 100% starter?... even 3/4? Thanks!

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Leanne Russ says...

I'm not sure it would work. Bread rises because the yeast in the starter produces carbon dioxide as a bi product of consuming food (flour). In my experience, you CAN use starter to make lovely sour pancakes though! They don't rise and they have a dense texture. Interested to hear other people's experience



Val Keeney 2017 June 7

So glad i found this site, too late to save my first starter, but will know better than to dump out before I read next time.  Found just what I needed to know about smelly starters.  I used a combo of bread flour & rye, it was going along very nicely then turned into a soupy, vomitty smelling mess.  Thought I had killed it so sent it the way of many a gold fish.  Now I know better.  Thanks so mucuh for the help.

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