Sourdough Companion Newsletter - August 2010

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Sourdough Companion is a community of bakers interested in naturally leavened breads. This very occasional newsletter features recipes, news and events from the baking community.


From the creators of Sourdough Companion comes....

Plant & Harvest

Plant & Harvest is a new website that helps gardeners plant what is suitable for their region and time of year. Gardening can seem like black art at times, with the success of your planting depending on timing, climate, weather, and the characteristics of your plant.

PlantHarvest does the hard work for you, documenting your climate and calculating times for sowing, planting and harvesting.

We have just launched and would love to hear what you think. Please visit and check it out!

- Maedi

Companion Bakery - Sourdough Baking Classes

Our sourdough baking classes have been running a little over 6 months now and have been quite a success, with guests making a range of breads - From Spelt, Rye, Batards, Pidés to a few of our specialties: Celery & Romano, Roasted Pumpkin and Walnut & Apple fruit loaf.

Our next class will be held on Sunday, September 26. Information about upcoming classes and booking details are available on our website:


P.S Companion Bakery is looking for a baker.

Featured Recipes

Pain au Levain with Chia Seeds

Trying a new ingredient or a new formula excites me.  If I find a new method or a new ingredient to make my daily bread the next morning, I often feel too excited to sleep the night before.  I read about the Chia seed in Johnny’s post a long while ago and had... 




Aussie White Miche

I smiled when I read Graham said that the only thing that he doesn’t like about his version of Romano-Celery Sourdough was that “it is basically a white dough and can be interpreted as having 'stodgy' mouthfeel by people that enjoy a more textured crumb, like myself.” ... 




One a penny, two a penny...

This recipe was posted in a forum Dom kicked off a few years back, and since I was finding Hot cross Bun recipes using sourdough hard to find, I thought I'd remind you of this one ........ just in case anyone was looking for a great one.  This is a hybrid recipe, but it's just lovely.  The sourdough gives the buns substance - un...




Webcam back up!

After a few months hiatus, the Companion Bakery webcam is back up & running, and as interesting to watch as ever! Go to the webcam.

Thanks for reading!

All the best from Graham, Tristan and Maedi.


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