Hills Baking Boutique Bakery & Pâtisserie

Our artisan bakery is located in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. We pride ourselves to be the keepers of European family baking traditions passed on through four generations.

  • Our experience draws from Italian, French, German and Scandinavian traditions;
  • We use only pure ingredients sourced locally. No dough improvers, enzymes, hard fat, emulsifiers, preservatives - absolutely no additives;
  • We only use organic stoneground flours in our multigrain breads;
  • We only use purified water;
  • Our sourdoughs are well assimilated by individuals on special diets who normally cannot eat regular breads.
Adelaide SA
Artisan Baker Association Standards: 
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Anonymous 2016 August 2

Good morning

I heard a rumour that you ran sourdough baking classes. The address given on this page www.hillsbaking.com is dead -  tried  it a month or so ago as well.  The other links seem to take me to Tasmania  & I was looking for Adelaide...

I know Windows has it in for e but would be grateful for you advice.

farinam's picture
farinam 2016 August 3

Hello anonymous,

It would appear that that business no longer exists.  You might best do a search for sourdough baking classes in Adelaide and see what turns up.  I am pretty sure there will be something even if it your local TAFE.

Good luck with your projects.


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